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3 Areas Of Negotiations You Can Use For Your Corporate Relocation Package

by Daniel Herrera

When your employer asks you to pack up your stuff and relocate to a new place, your first thought might be how this will affect you financially. The good news is that it will probably be a positive change in your life financially, and you should realize too that you can negotiate with your employer about the relocation package you are offered. Here are some tips to help you know how to handle these negotiations so that you can get the best deal when relocating for work.

Moving Costs

The first thing your employer may offer is to pay for your moving costs. Your employer might offer you a lump-sum amount for this, or your employer might state that the company will pay for the total costs of the move. According to U.S. News, over 50% of companies generally pay for the costs of packing, moving, and unpacking all items employees own, but there might be exclusions. You could always negotiate over these exclusions and ask for compensation for moving:

  • Large belongings – The quote for moving your belongings might not include moving items like a grand piano, a trampoline, or large exercise equipment, but you could ask for reimbursement for these items.
  • Vehicles and other types of outdoor items – If you have a couple classic cars, a boat, a camper, or any other types of large outdoor equipment, you could ask for additional reimbursement for these items.

If you have any other items that are not included in the moving costs, ask your employer if you can get extra money to move these items. The worst that can happen is that your boss will say no to your offer, but keep in mind that there is a good chance your employer will agree to your requests.

Housing Costs

In addition to paying for your moving expenses, your company might also reimburse you for costs related to housing. The types of costs included in this will typically depend on whether you currently rent or own the house you live in, and here is what you can ask for if it is not offered:

For Renters

If you currently rent a house or apartment, there are several different expenses you may get out of paying if you relocate, but the main one is a broken lease fee. If you have to break your lease in order to move, your company might pay this fee for you.

For Homeowners

On the other hand, if you currently own your home, your employer might reimburse you for several different expenses. The main one is for a loss on sale. If you are rushed into selling your house and have to accept a low offer on it, your employer might agree to make up the difference for you by paying you this amount.

Other Expenses

Here are a few other expenses that you may also want to consider asking for as you negotiate your relocation package:

  • Cost of living increase – If you do your research and find out that the new city you will live has a higher cost of living, ask for a salary increase to compensate for this.
  • Travel allowance – You can always ask for a travel allowance to cover the costs of visiting the new area before you move. During this visit, you could look for a house to live in, and you could check out the schools in the area.

All of these costs can add up and can set you back financially if you have to pay for them out of your own pocket.

As you are negotiating with your employer over your relocation, it's always better to know what to ask for. Keep in mind too, that you might have some say in which moving company you hire to complete your move, and you may want to research several companies to find the best corporate moving service around.

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