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How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Storage Space

by Daniel Herrera

If you live in a warm weather state, then you may be well aware that there are venomous spiders like the brown recluse in your area. These spiders are ones that have a necrotic bite. This means that necrotic or dead tissues are likely to build wherever the spiders happen to bite. A wide range of other ailments that include nausea, fever, and joint stiffness are likely to occur too. Unfortunately for you, spiders like the brown recluse prefer to live in quiet and dark areas that are undisturbed. This means that your storage unit may be the perfect area for spiders, until you start to move your belongings around. This can then lead to a bite when a spider feels threatened by the activity. To avoid this type of issue, make sure to spider proof your storage space.

Drive Away Food Sources

Spiders are predatory animals that feed off the small bugs that are trapped in their webs, and spiders will move from one area to the next until they find an abundant food source. This means that you will find more spiders in areas where small bugs like moths, mosquitos, and flies are abundant. Thankfully, you can repel these bugs, and spiders will move on as well. To make sure that moths do not come around, place all items made from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, silk, fur, and feathers in sealed containers. Plastic totes with air-tight covers will work best. Also, make sure that there are no lights around the exterior of your storage space. If there are, ask the owner of the facility if he would be willing to place yellow bug bulbs in the sockets instead. These lights produce longer wavelengths of light that are more difficult for bugs to see. This will help to attract fewer bugs, like moths, to the lights. 

A good way to repel flies and other insects like mosquitos from your storage unit is to place rags around the inside perimeter of the space. These rags should be soaked with smells that bugs do not like. Peppermint, mint, and vinegar are a few options. Keep in mind that these scents will dissipate quickly, so add several potted mint plants outside the door of the unit as well. Planted rosemary and sage will help with keeping the space mosquito free as well.

Close Off The Storage Unit Door

Spiders can slip into spaces that are much smaller than their bodies. For example, brown recluse spiders are on average about one-third of an inch in size. This is already quite small, and an opening tinier than this will make a good entry point for a spider. Spaces like this are sometimes seen around the bottom of the storage unit door. You should seal off this door to prevent spiders from getting in.

To seal off the door, first purchase a wide garage door threshold or barrier made out of rubber. Thresholds can be added to the door directly and barriers can be set on the floor just underneath the door. If you buy a threshold, make sure it is long enough to extend the full length of the door. Also, opt for one that glues into place instead of one that screws onto the door. This will help to reduce damage that you will likely be responsible for after the rental period is over. You will need some polyurethane adhesive to secure the threshold in place. Look for a long tube of the material that fits into a caulk gun and place a good amount along the inside of the threshold before pressing it along the edge of the door.

When you are ready to move your things out of storage, pour some acetone around the threshold to dissolve the adhesive. Remove the rubber piece afterwards so you can leave the self-storage unit in the same condition that you rented it in.