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3 Ways For Making Your Storage Unit More Easily Accessible At Night

by Daniel Herrera

When there's simply not enough space for everything at home, look into the possibility of renting a storage unit. Storage units are a cheap solution for getting more space for storage purposes without compromising the integrity or comfort of your home. In fact, over 11 million Americans own a storage unit. If you're planning on renting a storage unit, there's a good chance that you'll be accessing the unit at night sometimes. But not all storage units have bright lights to illuminate the units. As a result, you might find yourself rummaging through your stuff in the dark. To make your storage unit more easily accessible at night, follow these 3 tips.

Keep a Flashlight by the Door

Avoid missing the crooks and crannies of the storage unit by keeping a flashlight near the entrance of your unit. You can hang the flashlight on a hook near the door so that it'll be easy to find. As battery-powered flashlights may end up failing with time, you'll likely have better luck with a mechanically-operated flashlight, or a crank flashlight. These flashlights can generally offer about 30 minutes of light for about 30 to 60 seconds of cranking.

Keep in mind that mechanically-operated flashlights do not last forever. Over time, the internal storage battery or capacitor will fail. Because of this, make sure you inspect the flashlight on an annual basis to make sure that it is still functioning properly, so that you won't be left in the dark one day.

Organize All The Boxes and Containers into Aisles

It's easy to trip over items when you're rummaging through your storage unit in the dark. You'll find that your unit will become a lot more accessible if you keep it organized. In particular, make sure you store similar items within the same box or container. In addition, you want to organize all of the boxes and containers in a way that will make room for aisles that you can walk down.

Before packing everything into your storage unit. Map out where everything will go. Make sure that you create aisles that will allow you to access each and every box with ease. You don't want to have to move boxes aside just to reach something that has been hidden several boxes away in the dark, as this can create tripping hazards and other safety hazards that can lead to injuries. In addition, make sure you clean the floors of the unit regularly and remove small debris or items that could result in a slip and fall accident.

Lead the Way with Reflective Tape

A good way for getting a grasp on where everything is located is to install reflective tape on the walls and on the containers. This way, you'll be able to clearly outline where the aisles are. The reflective tape will direct you to where you need to go. In addition, you might want to put reflective tape near items that are fragile, so that you'll know to be extra careful at those locations.

The reflective tape should also be placed near emergency first aid kits, so that you or other people in the unit will know where the emergency supplies are with just a glance. This will enable you and others to act quickly should an accident happen.


When choosing a storage unit, you should really consider looking for a facility that offers some form of lighting within each unit, as this will make accessing the unit easier at night. If the storage unit does not have any lighting, make sure that you take the time to set up your storage unit properly, so you won't have to rummage in the dark for what you need or so you won't be exposed to any hazards that could result in an accident.

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