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No Longer Need A Guest Room In Your Garage? Use A Storage Unit While You Decide The Fate Of The Items

by Daniel Herrera

The garage is a valuable part of any home, so it is ideal when you are making use of the space. Using it as a guest bedroom may have suited you well for the past several years, but it may not be needed anymore. When you are ready to use your garage for working on projects, creating a game room, or storing cars, you should rent a self storage unit to move in everything from the guest bedroom for proper sorting.


The most typical furniture pieces in a bedroom include a bed frame, nightstand, and dresser. Most are made of wood, so you should focus on storing wood furniture to prevent pieces from getting damaged. If you want to feel confident about putting the furniture into storage, you need to polish all surface areas. This will prevent most major problems related to wood such as cracking or excessive shrinking. If you have vinyl tarps, lay them beneath the furniture to prevent water seepage from contacting any wood parts.


Mattresses range from soft to hard, depending on the material type and the firmness level. If you have a hard mattress, you might feel that it is perfectly fine to lean it up against the unit's wall and call it done. But, if you want to use the mattress in the future or enjoy a decent resale value, you cannot do this. It is far better and easier to take the bed frame and set it up just like you would in the bedroom. Then, lay the mattress down horizontally, making sure not to put any extra weight on the mattress.


Most garages have concrete, which is a hard surface to walk on. You may have put an area rug down to prevent your guests from feeling uncomfortable in the room, especially during cold winter days. If you have a rug that you now need to put away, you want to clean it before getting started. A professional cleaning is not only quick and easy, but experts can apply a treatment that will prevent moth damage. With humidity being an issue for rugs, as well as furniture and mattresses, climate control is crucial.

Although you could get by without using a storage unit, renting one gives you plenty of time to think about what you want to do with the items, and it provides you with immediate access to the garage.