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Features To Look At When Renting Your Compressor For House Painting

by Daniel Herrera

If you have plans to completely repaint the exterior of your home, then it may be wise to look into the use of an air compressor for the job. The compressor can be used with air driven sprayers to force the air onto the side of the house in small droplets. If you do not have a compressor handy, then you can rent one for the job. There are certain things you should look for when choosing your compressor. Keep reading to learn about a few examples.

High CFM And HP Value

When you look at air compressors that you want to rent, then you should consider the PSI and the CFM of the devices. The PSI refers to the amount of pressure that is released from the compressor. In other words, PSI tells you how much air force will blow out of the end of the spray hose. For most house painting jobs, PSI is not that important. The compressor does not need to use much force to spray the paint based on its fairy low weight. High PSI is important though, when it comes to the proper use of pneumatic tools.

When you look at compressors, CFM will be the most important thing to look at. CFM describes the volume of air that is released from the compressor. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. A higher CFM is important so there is enough air to shoot a decent amount of paint towards your house at one time. Otherwise it will take a long time to actually paint your home, especially if you need to apply two coats. 

CFM numbers can vary, but it is wise to look for one that is closer to 10 CFM than one that has 2 or 3 CFM. Also, you will need a device that has good horsepower. Horsepower provides the unit with enough power to force out the volume of air you need. You will need at least 2 HP of power to expel the CFM you need. A large capacity tank unit will help with this as well. Since you will likely need to wheel the compressor around as you paint your house, a device that is portable is a good idea too. 

Moisture Traps

Most air compressors will regulate the flow of air moving out of the discharge hose. This helps to ensure consistency, so make sure the compressor you rent is fitted with a proper regulator. Along with consistent air flow, compressors should be able to release dry air. Air that is wet can cause bubbles to form in the paint and it can also cause the paint to clump up. This will result in an uneven and unattractive paint job. 

Unfortunately, most air will contain some water, even if you are using the compressor on a dry day. This water will build in the air tank. Some air tanks collect this water and allow you to release it manually through a drain. Other tanks release the water automatically once it is collected. Look for a device that can release the water automatically. If it does not, then you will need to release water as the compressor works. This can be inconvenient and individuals often forget. 

If you need to paint your house, then using a compressor and a spray gun to complete the job is a good choice. You will need to rent the correct compressor with optimal accessories and features. If you are unsure about the specific compressor for your painting project, then make sure to speak with a compressor specialist at a place like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals as you look at your options.