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Tips to Minimize the Number of Claims You File Against Your Farm Insurance Policy

by Daniel Herrera

One of the best ways your farm can save money on insurance is to limit the number of claims you file against your farm insurance policy. Thankfully, there are many different things you can do to reduce the number of claims that you need to file. Limiting your claims will prevent your monthly premiums from rising and will help your farm save money. 

Follow these tips to save your farm money on insurance:

Tip: Hire Only Top-Quality Drivers and Equipment Operators

When you hire farm workers, drivers, or heavy equipment operators to work on your farm, always ensure that they are properly licensed and have clean driving records. As you schedule potential employees for interviews, always ask for them to bring in a copy of their driving report. They can have this report printed for a small fee at any local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Tip: Require Your Employees to Wear Proper Protective Gear 

To save on injury claims against your farm insurance by your workers, always require that they wear the proper protective gear while working. This may include:

  • glasses or goggles
  • denim jeans
  • leather gloves
  • steel-toe boots

In addition, if your employees are working near loud noises such as milking machines, they should also wear hearing protection. For those working near construction or with overhead dangers, they should be required to wear a hardhat at all times. This is especially true if they are building a new barn or livestock structure on the farm.

Tip: Require Your Drivers and Operators Wear Seat Belts at All Times

When your employees are driving your farm's trucks and heavy equipment, require them to always wear their seat belts. While this is not a legal requirement on private land, wearing these important safety devices will keep your employees safer than going without them.

Tip: Don't File Claims for Minor or Non-Injury Accidents

Finally, if your farm can avoid filing a claim against your insurance you should always opt to cover damages yourself. Even small claims against your insurance policy can increase your premium costs for years into the future. For this reason, you should always try to pay for smaller damage or simple non-injury accidents yourself. By not involving the insurance company, you can pay for the damages out-of-pocket and save your claims for times where a worker is in a serious accident or you have another type of major loss on the farm.