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Three Reasons Urban Apartment Dwellers Need Self-Storage

by Daniel Herrera

Living in a small apartment in the big city can bring a lot of challenges, particularly when it comes to having enough room for all of your personal items. Having a self-storage space at a place like U-Stor-It can solve some of those problems. Here are some great reasons to consider a self-storage unit if you have a small apartment in the city.

Car Storage

If you live in an area with easy access to public transportation, you may not need to use your car very often. But instead of selling it, consider storing it in a self-storage unit. This provides easy access to your vehicle when you want to go on road trips or venture outside of the city limits, and it keeps your vehicle shielded from harsh winter weather. In some cases, renting a self-storage unit might even be cheaper than renting a parking spot in a nearby lot. You can also use this space as a personal garage by adding your toolboxes and other car repair items. This will make it easy to do quick repairs before you take your vehicle out on the road.

Hobby Space

Small apartments don't always have enough room for you to practice your favorite hobbies. Whether you are a painter or you like to dabble in woodworking projects, a self-storage space can serve as a great workshop. The storage unit can keep your apartment free from the clutter that typically comes with hobbies while also giving you space to store your finished projects. This option is perfect if you sell your finished items online, as it provides an additional benefit of housing your inventory.

Seasonal Item Storage

To keep your closets neat and organized, consider using your self-storage unit to store seasonal items. This might include clothing, or it could include your seasonal sporting goods. Things like tennis rackets and baseball bats can take up precious room in your closets, and you won't likely need these items during the winter months. Invest in plastic storage containers to sort and organize your items, and label each container with the items stored within as well as the season they are intended for.

Choose a storage facility located close to your apartment for added convenience. If you will be using the unit as a workshop, remember to ask about climate-controlled units so you can enjoy use of your space year-round. Once you have the right storage space for your needs, map out what you will store in the space so you can quickly move in and organize your items.