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4 Benefits Of Investing In Golf Course Sprinkler Timers

by Daniel Herrera

Anyone who manages a golf course knows that maintaining the greens can be very challenging. No one wants to golf on grass that is dry or dying-- it is essential for the entirety of a gold course to be lush, green, and healthy. Caring for a gold course can be a massive undertaking, but one of the keys to keeping a golf course in excellent condition is ensuring that the grass gets the right amount of water. One way to manage the watering of a golf course is to invest in golf course sprinkler timers. Some of the benefits of golf course sprinkler times include:

Save Money

Gold courses are typically large and have a lot of grass, so a lot of water is used on a monthly basis. When grass is watered manually, or the sprinklers are turned on and off without a timer, it is not uncommon for the grass to be over watered. When a golf course is overwatered, it can mean wasting thousands of gallons of water. Golf course sprinkler timers ensure that the sprinklers run for a set amount of time and only provide the amount of water that the greens actually need. In the long run, investing in golf course sprinkler timers can save a golf course a substantial amount of money.


Gold courses typically open at sunrise and stay open until the last golfer leaves when the sun sets. Thus, a golf course typically can't be watered during the daylight hours. Few people want to work at night or before sunrise to maintain a golf course, so sprinkler timers make things very convenient. The timers can be set to run outside of business hours without the need of a person being present to turn them on and off.


Many golf courses struggle with using a lot of water while also being eco-friendly, especially in areas of the country where drought conditions are present. Since using a sprinkler timer system ensures that the grass that makes up the golf course is not overwatered, golf course management and the players who frequent the golf course can have the peace of mind of knowing that the golf course is being maintained in an eco-friendly manner.

Healthier Grass

A golf course sprinkler timer system makes is simple and easy to ensure that the grass is always getting the amount of water that it needs. This results in greens that are healthier and less prone to drying out, turning brown, or dying, which can make the golf course much more attractive and enticing to golfers who want to play on a beautiful course. 

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