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Why You Need A Headline Speaker For Your Next Event

by Daniel Herrera

Whether you are planning a corporate retreat or a public convention, you obviously want your next event to be successful. If part of that event requires you to sell tickets or otherwise convince people to attend, you may have your work cut out for you. One way you could possibly boost your event's profile would be to hire a big name headline speaker to provide a keynote at your event. 

Keynote Speakers Usually Have Large Social Media Followings

You will, of course, be doing a lot of marketing including posts on social media to attract attention to your upcoming event. But if you will be bringing in a keynote speaker who is well-known either by the general public or within your company's industry, this may be a way to gain additional marketing assistance without having to pay extra for it. That's because most keynote speakers will want to let their fans or followers know that they will be giving a presentation at a certain date and time. Hiring a well-known speaker could help draw attention to your event thanks to the speaker's following spreading the word among themselves.

Get People out of Bed in the Morning

If you will be setting up employees or clients at a hotel for a multi-day conference, you may need a little extra help making sure everyone shows up in the morning. Large conferences at exotic or fun locales like the beach or Las Vegas are sometimes notorious for being lightly attended in the morning while everyone is still recovering from the previous night. But schedule a well-known, popular keynote speaker at 8 a.m., and chances are that you will get more people who are willing to head down to the conference area earlier than they otherwise would. A keynote speaker can help encourage attendance to not just their speech but to the rest of your events as well.

Free Media Attention

We've already mentioned that many celebrities or well-known speakers will talk about their own speech to their social media followers. But if you manage to get an especially well-known person, this could help you attract free publicity with the local newspaper, television station, or local blog. The more preview stories you can get the media to write about your event, the less money you'll have to spend on advertising to get the word out. Yes, paying the speaker will cost money, but if you get the right person, you could get most of that money back by being able to significantly lower your advertising budget.

Contact a company that offers keynote speaking services today to find the right headliner for your next event.