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3 Tips For Getting Commercial Pressure Washing Services

by Daniel Herrera

Grime growing up the sides of your office can spread like mold if you don't stop it. A commercial pressure washing service does this for you effectively. You may even get back 10% in property value when you get pressure washing service with regularity. After learning about pressure washing, there is no reason that this can't happen for you.

1. Why commercial pressure washing is protective and essential

In addition to the 10% property value increase, pressure washing actually saves you money. A building overtaken by salts, oils, moss, and algae will soon need a new paint job and repairs to siding and to parts and attachments. It's far cheaper to just get pressure washing service from time to time to avoid this. 

Commercial pressure washing makes your building more hygienic. Perhaps this can help reduce illness in your workplace, so you can contribute less to the 2.8 million occurrences that happen in the workforce all over the country. Employees with bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or other lung and sinus problems will be less likely to get sick when your building is as clean as it can be.

The beautification and cleanliness of your office building facade also help the building stand out. This can attract more foot traffic.

2. What happens during the commercial pressure washing job

With commercial pressure washing, your building is blasted with heated and pressurized water and cleaning products. The water is heated to 250 degrees. It gets sprayed at pressure rates of 3,000 PSI. This combination strips layers of dirt, oil, and anything else sticking to your building.

3. How you can work with a commercial pressure washing company to address this work

For up to 50 cents/sq. foot, you can get a commercial pressure washing service that protects and cleans your office. You'll achieve the goal of better curb appeal and can schedule a cleaning at least once for every change of the season. This gives you the chance to strip away the remnants of rain, snow, and layers of grime.

Call commercial pressure washing companies to ask if they have room for you on their calendar. Scheduling these dates far in the future locks your price in and makes this easier. Ask them questions about temperatures, pressure, and what products they will use. Plan out your workday and let everyone in the office know when it is a pressure washing day.

The building will look so much better when you hire commercial pressure washing.