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Does Your Oil Painting Need Repair Or Restoration?

by Daniel Herrera

Oil paintings are often passed down from generation to generation, creating family heirlooms. Anything handed down over this much time is bound to start showing the effects of its age at some point. If you are the current owner of a family heirloom such as this, it's in your best interest to know the signs of aging and the indications that it's time to seek the services of a damaged oil painting restoration contractor.

Discolored Finish

As oil paint ages, exposure to dust, air, and other environmental hazards can cause the colors and the canvas to discolor. This is a natural effect of aging and oxidation. If you look at the painting and you see a yellowish hue over the whole thing or the colors in the painting seem as though they are a little bit off, those are indications that the painting's age has gotten to it. You should work with a restoration and repair contractor to clean the painting up and restore its finish.

Flaking Paint

As oil paint ages, it will dry out. The more it dries out, the greater the risk that the paint will crack and flake. In fact, this often happens when moisture has been absorbed behind the painting, leading to more moisture in the paint layers beneath the surface than those on the top. 

Any time you have a layer of paint on the surface that's drier than the one beneath, the paint layer on the surface can start to crack and flake. This happens because paint with more moisture in it has more flexibility than the drier paint on the surface. As the less-dry paint moves, the dry paint on the surface move, so it instead flakes.

Warped Painting

Your oil painting should hang flat from the fixture on the wall and should appear consistent across its surface. If you can observe the image from the side and it appears warped instead of flat, that's another indication that your oil painting needs attention.

Warped oil paintings often occur due to humidity problems. As the wood frame and the canvas structure are exposed to humidity in the environment, the moisture absorption will cause the frame and canvas to warp. 

These are a few key warning signs that indicate that your oil painting is in need of care. Reach out to a local oil painting repair and restoration professional today for more help or information about your oil painting and its needs.