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Freshen and Purify the Air in Your Home with an Ionization Unit

by Daniel Herrera

If you work from home or homeschool your kids, you spend a lot of hours in your house every day. You may not even leave your house at all on many days. That might have you concerned about the air quality in your home. There could be mold spores, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, allergens, cigarette smoke odors, or VOCs from outgassing carpet floating around the air you breathe. Consider installing a residential air ionization unit to purify the air. Here's a look at how they work.

1. How an Air Ionizer Works

You probably have a filter on your HVAC, but that's mostly for keeping dust out of the equipment. An air ionization unit is different from a filter. The unit doesn't filter the air and trap particles. Instead, the unit creates negative and positive ions that interact with particles in the air to break them apart.

The ions form when air blows over a plate, bar, or brushes. Both negative and positive ions form and are carried away with the air, much in the same way nature forms ions. The ions float around your house and interact with dust and other particles, even something as tiny as bacteria. The result is cleaner air from a unit that doesn't have a filter you have to maintain.

2. Your Choices in Residential Air Ionization Units

There are several types of air ionizers on the market. These air cleaners are used for commercial and industrial uses as well as for residential use. The residential ionization units either mount to your HVAC unit or they're small appliances you rest on a table. A unit that is installed in HVAC ducts treats the air in your entire home while small units might treat a single room. When shopping for an air ionization unit, be sure to note the square footage the unit is capable of treating so you buy the right size. You can install more than one unit if necessary.

3. The Results You Might Enjoy

An air ionization unit protects you from unseen threats in the case of mold spores, allergens, and volatile organic compound gasses. You might notice an improvement in your allergy symptoms if you're allergic to things like mold, dust, and pet dander.

An ionizer can also eliminate bad odors in your house. You may notice your house smells fresher and cigarette smoke odors, mildew, water damage, or pet odors aren't as noticeable or are gone completely. Since an ionizer can also remove germs and viruses, colds and the flu may not spread through your whole family as easily once you start purifying the air with an ionizer.