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What Do Gold and Silver Buyers Look for in Jewelry Before Making an Offer?

by Daniel Herrera

When you have gold and silver jewelry that you do not need or want anymore, sell it to gold and silver buyers, and get money for it. The buyers are always looking for new pieces to purchase. You can receive a quick offer after a buyer evaluates the items you would like to sell.

The Quality of Each Piece

The quality of the gold and silver jewelry you plan to sell does matter. Regardless of what the buyers plan to do with it, such as resell it as is or melt it down, they are often willing to pay more for pieces that are more valuable. The quality of each piece depends on different factors, such as:

  • When it was produced
  • The rarity of the piece
  • The embellishments added to it, such as diamonds or rubies
  • The style/design of the jewelry

If you have several pieces of jewelry that are valuable and even quite rare, you can expect gold and silver buyers to offer a higher amount of money than they would for traditional pieces that are much easier to find.

The Condition of the Jewelry

You can sell tarnished jewelry to the buyers, but you should expect to get more money for pieces that are in great condition. If you have taken good care of your jewelry and it is in pristine condition, there is less work for the buyers to do, which is why they will often pay out more for it. However, that does not mean that you cannot earn decent money from selling broken pieces. If you have jewelry that needs fixing, it may still be valuable enough for you to get hundreds of dollars for it from one of these reputable buyers.

The Current Going Rate for the Metal

Gold and silver buyers stay on top of the going rate for these precious metals. They know when the rate goes up and when it goes down. You should pay attention to the going rate, too. If you do so, you can sell at a time when buyers are paying out much more for gold and silver, both of which are two valuable precious metals. If you can wait it out, it is worth it because you can end up with even more money in your pockets.

Gold and silver buyers will consider many things before making an offer to you. They will carefully check the quality of each piece, determine the type of condition your jewelry is in, and make an offer that matches well with the current going rate for silver and gold. Once you receive an offer on the jewelry, you may decide to sell it on the spot.