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Having Your Property Paved

by Daniel Herrera

When you are needing to have a large section of your property paved, there are many considerations and pieces of information that you will need to consider. Otherwise, you may not get the results that you were hoping to achieve or find that your new pavement suffers unnecessary damages and problems.

Is A Wood Frame Always Necessary For A Paving Project?

Ensuring that the pavement takes the correct shape will be a vital part of any paving project. To this end, it is common to use wood frames to form the pavement as it hardens. Individuals may assume that they will be able to avoid the need to build or install a wood frame if the soil has been excavated to make room for the pavement. However, this is not a substitute for a frame, and you will still need to invest the time in building this frame if your paving work is to be stable and durable.

How Will Paving Impact The Flow Of Water And Erosion In The Area?

The flow of water and the erosion of the soil are factors that every homeowner will have to consider due to the impacts these issues can have. Professionally paved surfaces can help to reduce unwanted erosion by providing you with a greater degree of control over the path that the water takes as it flows through your property. For example, the paved areas can utilize drainage systems that you may be able to directly connect to the local storm drain system so that you can dispose of this water without washing away large amounts of soil.

When Should You Apply Sealants To The New Pavement?

Sealing the pavement is a way of greatly reduce the damage it sustains over time as a result of water soaking into it or vehicle fluids degrading the pavement by making it brittle. While you will want to apply the sealant to the pavement as soon as possible, you will need to be careful to ensure that this sealant is only applied once the pavement has fully hardened. Otherwise, the sealant could actually weaken the pavement by interfering with the curing and hardening process. As a result, it can be necessary to wait up to a few weeks before you are able to safely apply a coating of sealant to the pavement. If you are unsure as to whether the pavement has fully cured, the paving contractor will perform a final assessment that will allow them to assess its condition of the pavement as it has cured.

If you're considering getting your property paved, talk to a local paving contractor today to get the process started.