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Why Doodle Dogs Might Be The Right Choice For You

by Daniel Herrera

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy in the near future? If so, you are likely looking at one or more specific breeds. But if you have an open mind about your next best friend, one option you might want to consider is Doodle puppies from a local Doodle breeder. Doodle dogs are essentially a poodle combined with another type of dog, such as a golden retriever or Labrador. This cross-breed can offer some key benefits from both Poodles and the other type of dog that they are bred with. Here's why some people prefer Doodle dogs over others.

Doodle Dogs Shed Less Than Other Dogs

Golden retrievers and Labradors are of course great dogs, but some of these dogs may shed quite a bit. Whether you are at risk of an allergic reaction or you just don't want to be cleaning up your dog's fur all over the house, a Doodle dog might be able to help. A Goldendoodle, for example, will still have many of the same great traits of a golden retriever, but will shed much less because of its Poodle heritage.

Doodle Dogs Are Easier to Train and Sometimes Friendlier

Golden retrievers and Labradors can be highly excitable or aggressive and sometimes a bit hard to train. By crossing one of these breeds with a Poodle, the end result, at least most of the time, is a dog that still has a lot of energy but is easier to command. Some people feel that Doodles are also friendlier and the ideal choice for a family with small children in the home.

You Can Get the Dog You Want in the Size You Want

Perhaps you've always wanted a certain type of dog but the dog's size has turned you off and kept you from actually getting it. One of the best things about going with a cross-breed like Doodle dogs is that they come in all kinds of different sizes. There's no guarantee that your new Doodle puppy won't one day grow up to be a huge beast, but by finding a breeder that used a smaller Poodle during the breeding process, you may be able to get the type of dog you want while keeping its size or weight at a more manageable level than if you would have went with a pure breed.

To learn more about Doodle dogs and maybe even visit a few Doodle puppies near you, contact a local breeder today.