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6 Advantages Of Using Large-Format UV Flatbed Printers

by Daniel Herrera

Most times, when your organization has printing needs, a multitude of questions present themselves. One of these questions is what printer is suitable. Different printers come with different capabilities so picking the right printing solution is crucial. If your printing needs involve large-scale projects that require optimum resolution and clarity, you should consider a large-format UV flatbed printer.

What are Large-Format UV Flatbed Printers?

Large-format UV flatbed printers rely on UV inks to print large format projects, including posters, murals, and banners. Numerous specialists also use them to print architectural designs and plans, backdrops for theatres, and car wraps. These printers are unique because the UV ink needs to be cured using UV light to make a long-lasting image on a specific material.

Benefits of Large-Format UV Flatbed Printers

Using a large-format UV flatbed printer offers you numerous benefits, including:

1.    Versatility

Large-format UV flatbed printers work on virtually limitless materials, including wood, smooth cloth, ceramic, carpet, PVC, metal, plastics, and cardboard.  That makes these printers indispensable when your company has branding campaigns that require high-quality images printed on various surfaces.

2.    White-ink printing capabilities

Back in the day, printing with white was uncommon. But grand-format UV flatbed printers have made this task possible. You can now use them to print white as a spot color on any material of a different color. These printers also facilitate multi-layered effects because they can use white as a diffusion layer during reverse printing.

3.    Unique branding

With large-format UV flatbed printing, your business enjoys unique and customized public display signs. And, because form and function are easy to combine with these printers, all types of businesses, including constructors, designers, and art shops, can use them effectively.  

4.    Environmental friendliness

Flatbed UV printers use fewer cartridges than other alternatives. Plus, they are energy-efficient and can print on almost all types of materials. These attributes make them one of the most eco-friendly printing solutions and the best option for companies that want to go green. Besides, the UV ink used in large-format UV flatbed printers contains fewer hazardous components.

5.    Quicker output

Your business needs printers that work fast to prevent any delays and unnecessary downtimes. UV printers help you to this end because the UV ink involved cures faster and doesn't need any lengthy evaporation procedures. That ensures your output is on schedule and clients get their products on time or even earlier.

6.    High-quality finish

Last but not least, large-print UV flatbed printers produce incomparably crisp and clear, top-quality images. The technology used in UV printers is so advanced it can print digital images with outstanding photographic qualities.