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Installing A UPS System For Your Important Equipment

by Daniel Herrera

A sudden loss of power can have devastating impacts on your business's operations. Unfortunately, these disruptions can be a common reality that many business leaders will have to work to mitigate.

Choose An Uninterruptible Power Supply That Can Provide Enough Energy For Your System

The amount of power that a UPS system is able to provide can be limited, and this will lead to you needing to have an accurate estimate as to the amount of power that your systems and equipment will require in order to safely shut down. Otherwise, it is easy to choose a power supply that will not be able to provide your systems with enough energy to safely shut down. This can be especially complex when you have multiple pieces of equipment that will be served by the UPS system. When calculating this need, you should base it on the maximum amount of power that the system will need rather than the average. This is due to the fact that you will be unable to predict the workload of these systems when there is a power failure.

Avoid Mistakes When Installing The Uninterruptible Power Supply

Mistakes when connecting the UPS system to your equipment can lead to significant problems that may prevent it from being able to work effectively. In particular, there can be mistakes with the connections, which can prevent the UPS system from sufficiently charging between uses or that could prevent it from effectively powering the equipment. Thoroughly testing the connections once the uninterruptible power supply has been installed can be an important step for catching potential problems that may prevent the system from working when there is a sudden power failure for your building.

Regularly Conduct A Test Of The UPS System That You Have Installed

Conducting regular tests of the UPS system will be an important part of keeping the business ready for a sudden power failure. Unfortunately, it can be common for businesses to neglect this important type of maintenance, which can lead to them being caught by surprise when there is a power failure and the UPS system fails to activate. At least once every couple of months, the UPS system should be thoroughly tested. This test should include assessing the ability of the batteries to hold a charge and the system's ability to activate during a power outage. At some point in the future, the battery for this system may need to be replaced, and these tests can give you ample time to make this upgrade before a power failure occurs. Choosing a UPS system that has an easy-to-use testing mode can help to make this process easy to complete and the results simple to understand.

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