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Six Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Luxury Handmade Area Rug In The Best Possible Shape

by Daniel Herrera

If you invest in a luxury handmade area rug, it's important that you take good care of it to maintain its condition. The following are six mistakes to avoid to keep your luxury handmade area rug in the best possible shape. 

Neglecting to have professional rug cleanings done

While doing your own cleaning and maintenance at home is important, once in a while you should also have your handmade rug professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning can help to thoroughly remove dirt and grit from your rug to prevent damage to rug fibers.

The more traffic your area rug gets, the more frequently you should have professional cleanings done. On average, you should have your rug cleaned around once every two to three years.

Failing to vacuum your area rug often enough

One of the biggest causes of damage to area rugs is dirt particles that get onto the rug's surface. These dirt particles cause damage as people walking on the rug push the particles down deeper into the rug's fibers.

Vacuuming an area rug frequently can minimize the presence of dirt particles and thereby help prevent this type of damage. 

Giving spills and stains time to soak in

You can avoid aesthetic damage from stains if you respond to spills immediately and don't give them time to soak into rug fibers. You should soak up spilled liquids and then use a mild substance such as warm, soapy water or club soda to completely remove the spill. 

After you clean a spill, it's important to thoroughly dry your rug to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. 

Giving a poorly trained pet access to your handmade area rug

If you have pets, you need to make sure that they're not urinating on your luxury area rug. One of the most difficult odors to get out of a rug is urine odors.

Rug owners who have pets who sometimes have accidents in their homes should not give their pets access to their area rug if they want to avoid urine stains and odors. 

Not putting a rug pad down beneath your rug

Using a rug pad beneath a luxury handmade area rug is a good idea. Rug pads keep rugs in better shape by fortifying them against damage from foot traffic and furniture that's placed on top.

Not only do rug pads allow rugs to last longer, but they also often make rugs feel more comfortable and cushioned for those who walk on them. 

Allowing sunlight to shine onto your luxury handmade area rug

It's important to protect luxury area rugs from direct sunlight coming in through windows. Sunlight can cause a rug's colors to fade over time, so make sure your rug is protected from the sun by blinds, shades, or curtains. 

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