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A Forestry Management Plan

by Daniel Herrera

Insects, diseases, and fires can compromise the quality and security of forested land. If you own many acres of land that contain an abundance of trees, you may want to outline some goals that will help you improve the value of your land and provide it with attractive and safe features.

The Reasoning Behind Forestry Management

Forestry management is used to protect state lands and private property. Someone who has purchased many acres of land may be overburdened with the task of caring for the trees that are growing on their land. A forestry manager will address value and safety concerns that could deter wildlife from remaining on the land, affect the quality of fresh water, or pose a threat to anyone who will be spending time on the land.

The Purpose For The Land

Before you consult with a forestry manager, you should outline how you intend to use your land. Maybe, you would like to use the land to build upon in the future. If this is the case, you may be seeking assistance with relocating trees or harvesting timber. If you would like to increase the value of your property, you may be seeking the addition of quality trees that are worth more than what is already growing on the land. You can receive advice about invasive species or dying and diseased trees.

An arborist may need to assess the land, to determine if there are any trees growing that are in need of specialized care services. If insects are living on trees or if there are any diseased or dying trees on your land, you may be in need of insecticide treatments and tree removal services. After you have identified how you plan on utilizing the land, a forestry manager will help you prepare plans that will support your vision.

A forest is home to many native animal species. If you are going to make disruptions to your land, a forestry manager may outline how you can do this without disrupting the animals that are already living on the land. Owning a forested section of land will require frequent upkeep. This may include pruning trees and removing overgrowth from your property.

You may need to interview some tree specialists, to determine which company to pursue services through. A tree crew can provide routine care services that will not only keep your forested land looking nice but will also make sure that it is safe to access.

For more information on forestry management, contact a professional near you.